Registering for an SQ Professional trade account has never been easier and only takes a couple of minutes. Apply from the comfort of your own home with no lengthy forms, phone calls or meetings required. Rest assured that all of our online forms are Adobe® certified, secure and fully GDPR compliant.

Benefits of setting up an account with us

There are no registration charges or fees

Once verified you will be able to immediately request prices and place orders

You will be assigned your own dedicated sales representative

Receive access to many more products

Get access to exclusive sales and discounts

Receive total guidance through everything you require

Adobe® Sign makes it easy to sign any document electronically and collect legal electronic signatures from others. The key benefits of using Adobe‚Äôs electronic signature software are:

  • Securely collect and manage legal signatures anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce the costs associated with using paper: eliminate or reduce printing, scanning and downloading files and documents, as well as archiving and storage
  • Improve efficiency, speed and collaboration with customers

Incorporated Business

If you have an incorporated business (also known as a corporation) with a registration number, that are based and trade within the UK and EU only, please click the button below to begin registering for an account with us.


Sole Trader

If you are the exclusive owner of a business (Sole Trader) based within the UK or EU who trade only within the UK or EU, and wish to register an account with us, please click the button below.



If you are a business based anywhere in the world which exports their goods outside of the UK and EU, please click the button below to begin registering for an export account with us.


Proof of addresses must be dated. Proof of address includes:

  • Household utility bill (eg gas, electric, water or fixed line telephone but not a mobile phone bill) must include your name
  • Bank, building society or credit card statement. It must be no more than three months old and show your name
  • Local authority tax bill (e.g. council tax) valid for the current year
  • Original mortgage statement from a recognised lender issued for the last full year
Proof of ID must be valid and in date. Proof of ID includes:
  • Current, valid full passport (certified copies must show nationality, place and date of birth, passport number, expiry date, photograph and signature)
  • EEA member state identity card
  • National identity card bearing a photograph of the applicant
  • Current, valid full photo-card driving license with signature or old style driving license
  • Current, valid photo-card provisional license
You must be over 18 years old to register for an account.

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