Aadya Range - Frying Pan

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Aadya Range - Frying Pan

With its outstandingly smooth appearance and solid weight, the Aadya frying pans are ready to stand the test of time.
Forged from heavy duty hard anodised aluminium, twice as hard as stainless steel, these frying pans offer exceptional strength and durability. The incredibly smooth non-stick surface makes preparing healthier meals without the addition of oil and fat easier than ever.

The frying pan perfectly distributes heat, meaning you avoid any hot spots and food cooks impeccably even every time.
The safe plastic handles allow you to comfortably move the pan between the cooking and prep areas while avoiding serious burns!

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Size & Capacity:
Product code:
22cm 5807
24cm 5808


Sq Professional - Aadya Range - Frying Pan