Aadya Range - Saucepan

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Aadya Range - Saucepan

The perfect size range for all your cooking needs, these smart pans come with a tempered glass lid and double-sided pouring lips.

Its tempered glass lid helps to retain all of the nutrients in your food, while the innovative fitted steam vent avoids stodgy soggy meals! The double lipped design makes it perfect for heating and pouring straight from the pan.
Anodised aluminium’s incredibly smooth non-stick surface allows you to prepare healthier meals as the use of extra oil and fat is made redundant!
An added bonus is that washing up has never been quicker and simpler because food is realised with minimum effort.

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Size & Capacity:
Product code:
16cm 5809
18cm 5810
20cm 5811


Sq Professional - Aadya Range - Saucepan