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Lustro Apple Cookware Set

It is time to enjoy cooking as much as you enjoy a beautifully cooked meal.

Create delicious and healthy meals with ease with SQ Professional’s Apple 6 piece stainless steel cookware sets.
Carefully crafted from Stainless steel, this comprehensive cookware set looks as delicate as an apple but is built for the wear and tear of a lively kitchen. Stainless steel is the choice material of professional cooks and achieves exceptional results every time, preserving the flavour and quality of your food.

The encapsulated base captures heat and distributes it evenly throughout the pot to give you the greatest control of the cooking process.

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
Stockpot 18 cm 2.4 Litre
Stockpot 20 cm 3.3 Litre
Stockpot 22 cm 4.2 Litre
Stockpot 24 cm 5.8 Litre
Saucepan 16 cm 1.6 Litre
Saute Pan 24 cm 2.5 Litre
Product code:
Gold Apple 3582
Silver Apple 3583


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