Lustro Range - 3-Tiered Steamer

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Lustro 3-Tiered Steamer

SQ Professional’s Lustro Steamer is an essential item to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Crafted from premium grade 18/10 stainless steel it provides excellent cooking results alongside incredible durability.
The stunning design helps retain all the vital nutrients, flavour and colour, often lost when boiling. As an added bonus you will never compromise on taste as stainless steel doesn’t leach off any of its metallic properties into food. The three tier system allows for cooking various foods simultaneously, or phased steaming when certain items have different cooking times.

The Lustro Steamer features a see-through tempered glass lid with a steam vent, allowing you to keep an eye on your cooking.
The encapsulated base ensures an even spread of heat throughout the entire body of the pot and is suitable for all types of hobs, including induction.


No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
Steam Pots 2.0 Litre each
Stockpot 3.0 Litre
Product code:
3-tiered Steamer 7494


Lustro 3-Tiered Steamer - Box



Sq Professional - Lustro 3-Tiered Steamer