Lustro Range - Stockpot Strain and Pour

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Lustro Stockpot Strain and Pour

Stainless steel is regarded as the best of the best among professional chefs and households alike. Indulge yourself in the professional standard of cooking with the Lustro range!

The Lustro stockpot is crafted from premium grade 18/20 stainless steel, providing exceptional cooking results! Stainless steel doesn’t leach off any of its metallic properties into food. This means the cookware itself does not impact flavour quality, giving you the best results every time.
The encapsulated base is suitable for all types of hobs, including induction and ensures fantastic heat distribution throughout the entire body, preventing hot spots during cooking.

Not only practical but beautifully crafted, the Lustro stockpot is manufactured with you in mind! The integrated strain & pour feature, combined with a well-designed tight fitted lid, makes for a superior cooking experience. The soft silicone handles ensures a safe and comfortable grip, while also protecting against burns.

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
20 cm 4.0 Litre
24 cm 6.8 Litre
28 cm 10.0 Litre
Product code:
20cm 5982
24cm 5983
28cm 5984


Lustro Stockpot Strain and Pour - Box



Sq Professional - Lustro Stockpot Strain and Pour