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Lustro Touch Cookware Set

Don’t go against the grain, embrace it! With the Lustro Touch you can celebrate the aesthetic qualities of wood while enjoying the practicality and durability of industrial grade materials.

With their robust design and soft touch finish, the stunning handles of this 6pc cookware set bring a sense of nature into the kitchen to enhance your cooking experience. The encapsulated base of each pot and pan is constructed from 5 layers of engineered metals to achieve the very best cooking results, including aluminium for optimal heat distribution and a ferrous core for efficient induction cooking and heat retention. Featuring steam vents in the tempered glass lids, as well as full stainless steel construction of the body for corrosion resistance, the lustro touch 6pc cookware set is the ideal addition to your kitchen for quality and convenience.

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
Saucepan 16 cm 1.7 Litre
Stockpot 18 cm 2.2 Litre
Stockpot 20 cm 3.2 Litre
Stockpot 22 cm 4.0 Litre
Stockpot 24 cm 5.6 Litre
Saute Pan 24 cm 2.4 Litre
Product code:
Brown 9965
Black 9966


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