Nea Range - Marbell - Impact Crepe Pan

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Nea Impact Crepe Pan

It’s time to make an impact in your kitchen!

Part of the most trend-setting range of cookware on the market, the original, stylish and contemporary Nea Impact Crepe Pan from SQ Professional delivers exceptional cooking results whilst making a big impression.
A healthy lifestyle starts with quality cookware, and the incredible non-stick Marbell coating allows you to create quality crepes, pancakes and flatbreads with little or no oil.
Designed for everyday use, the soft touch, silicone handle allows easy, flexible and comfortable handling of the pan, whilst protecting against burns.

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
30 cm
Product code:
30cm 9631


Sq Professional - Nea Marbell - Impact Crepe Pan box


Sq Professional - Nea Marbell- Impact Crepe Pan