Stainless Steel - Pressure Cooker

Sq Professional - Stainless Steel - Pressure Cooker

Stainless Steel - Pressure Cooker

The stainless steel SQ Professional pressure cooker is perfect for fast and easy hassle free meals, offering a safe, fast and healthy way of preparing a multitude of foods.

Forged from heavy duty stainless steel, this pressure cooker doesn’t leach off any of its metallic properties into food. This means the cookware itself does not impact flavour quality, giving you the best results every time.
Pressure cooking allows complete meals to be produced in a fraction of the time usually taken. This provides maximum retention of vitamins, nutrients and flavour with a minimum expenditure of energy.

An SQ Professional pressure cooker is sure to be the most versatile item of cookware in your kitchen.


· Free spare seal gasket
· Automatic venting safety valve
· Detachable pressure regulation
· Quick pressure release function
· Heat resistant interlocking handles
· Easy cleaning and fast cooking time
· High quality polished aluminium and self-locking bakelite handles

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Size & Capacity:
24 x 19 cm 4 Litre
24 x 24 cm 6 Litre
Product code:
4 Litre 3482
6 Litre 3481


Stainless Steel - Pressure Cooker - Box



Sq Professional - Stainless Steel - Pressure Cooker