Ultimate Range - Non-Stick - Square Grill Pan

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Ultimate Non-Stick Square Grill Pan

Designed using the latest advancements in kitchenware, the remarkable non-stick coating allows you to get all the benefits of carbon steel, with less hassle.

The deep ridges in the cooking surface allow the excess fat to drain away and leave classic charred stripes on your food to make it look as good as it tastes.
The robust construction of Ultimate Carbon Steel Grill Pans allows heat to be transferred and distributed evenly and quickly. The dual pouring lips let’s you easily tip out the excess fat that gathers between the ridges in either directions.

The Ultimate Carbon Steel Square Grill Pans are suitable for all types of hob, including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction and solid plate.

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
24 cm
28 cm
Product code:
Square Grill Pan 24 cm 8540
Square Grill Pan 28 cm 8541


Sq Professional - Ultimate non stick - Square Grill Pan


Sq Professional - Ultimate Square Grill Pan