Una Range - Non-Stick - Frying Pan with Lid

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Una Non-Stick Frying Pan with Lid

An absolute essential for any kitchen is an incredible frying pan. The UNA frying pan range will surpass all expectations, constantly offering practicality and durability.
You’ll be frying up your favourite foods with unparalleled ease. The outstanding non-stick coating not only takes the chore out of washing up, but allows you to embrace a healthier lifestyle! You will require little to no oil and still your food will release with zero effort.
The clear tempered glass lid allows you to keep an eye on your food, while retaining all of the nutrients, flavour and moisture.
Without doubt, an UNA frying pan is something you will find yourself using day in and day out.

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:

22 cm
24 cm
26 cm
28 cm
30 cm
32 cm

22cm/26cm = 12
24cm/28cm = 8
30cm/32cm = 6
Product code:
22cm 9449
24cm 2764
26cm 9450
28cm 2763
30cm 2762
32cm 2761


Sq Professional - una nonstick Frying Pan with Lid


Sq Professional - una nonstick Frying Pan with Lid