Una Range - Non-Stick - Two handle Wok

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Una Non-Stick Two handle Wok

Bring the joy back to cooking using your outstanding UNA non-stick wok.

The exceptional non-stick coating allows you to fry, stir fry and sauté healthy meals using little to no fat.
You won’t believe the ease at which you can wash up as the food simply slides off. The wok’s robust and long lasting design delivers outstanding performance as well as being practical and easy to use.
A clear tempered glass lid retains all of the natural goodness while allowing you to check on your food.
Two reinforced handles offer effortlessness comfort and durability, providing ease of transportation around the kitchen.

UNA non-stick wok makes a great addition to any kitchen!

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
24 cm 4.0 Litre
26 cm 4.3 Litre
28 cm 4.8 Litre
30 cm 5.0 Litre
32 cm 5.8 Litre
Product code:
24 cm 2791
26 cm 2790
28 cm 2789
30 cm 2795
32 cm 2796


Sq Professional - Una non stick - Two handle Wok

Two handle Wok

Sq Professional - Una non stick - Two handle Wok