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Sheer Khurma Recipe

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Eid Dessert: Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma is an Eid special sweet. Sheer Khurma literally means “milk with dates” in Urdu and is a vermicelli pudding prepared all over the world.

This special dish is served on the morning of Eid day after the prayer as breakfast, and throughout the day to all the visiting guests. It is a very popular dessert in asian countries and, apart from occasions, this dish is best when relished during winters as it helps in warming up our body.


  • 1L milk
  • 1 cup broken seviyan (vermicelli)
  • 3 tablespoons ghee
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon condensed milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder
  • 8 vertically sliced cashewnuts
  • 10 vertically sliced almonds
  • 8 vertically sliced pistachios
  • 6 deseeded chopped khajoor (dates)


  • 5/6


  • Prep: 20min
  • Cooking: 20min


  • EASY


- Heat a Saucepan and add the ghee.

- Break the seviyan and mix them with the heated ghee, on low flame saute the mixture till it gets golden brown.

- Keep stirring the mixture is very important.

- Keep the sauteed seviyan aside.

- In the same sauce pan, add ghee and sliced almonds, slightly fry the mixture and keep aside.

- In the same sauce pan, add ghee, sliced cashews and sliced pistachios, slightly fry the mixture and keep aside.

- In a separate Milk Pan boil the milk.

- Add fried seviyan to the milk and let it cook for few seconds on low flame until they become soft.

- Add sugar and condensed milk as well and cook for few minutes.

- Add fried almonds,fried cashews and fried pistachios.

- Add cardamom powder, stir it and switch off the flame.

- Serve the hot sheer khurma in Dessert Bowls and garnish with ghee, dry fruits and dates.


TIP: You can get seviyan from street markets or you can use the vermicelli instead which are usually available in any supermarket.