Blog The A-Z Guide Of Granite Cookware

The A-Z Guide Of Granite Cookware

2021 Technology

The term ‘granite cookware’ refers to any cookware with carbon steel, aluminium, or stainless steel cores finished with high-end and extremely durable non-stick coatings. The term can be applied to cookware in all shapes and forms, including pots, pans, grills and bakeware.

It has quickly become very popular all over the world. So popular, in fact, that you can find granite cookware at all levels of culinary use, from reliable domestic kitchen items to professional catering equipment.

Granite coating layers

The robust properties of this incredibly strong material replicate the stunning appearance of granite in your cookware, bringing subtle textures into the kitchen and making them an attractive addition to any home decor.

These pots and pans aren’t made of granite stone but take the name from their appearance, with the surface finish of these cookware items typically having a speckled or mottled look similar to granite. The Nessa Granum range of colours borrow their names from the various colours of natural granite.

Granite cookware is able to withstand extremely high temperatures. The robust die-cast aluminium core offers outstanding heat distribution throughout the entire base and sides of the pans. Adding to their versatility and usefulness, Nessa Granum stockpots can be used in an oven without their lids up to a maximum temperature of 380c. Their handles may become hot after prolonged use, but as they are made of die-cast aluminium there is not risk of damage.

The use of an induction base allows Granum cookware to benefit from this fast and efficient cooking technology whilst remaining perfect for use on all types of cooking hobs.

Despite it’s impressive properties and stone-like appearance, Nessa Granum cookware is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to put in less effort and reduce damage to glass top stoves and any other delicate kitchen surfaces.

Granite cookware is known for being incredibly resistant to rust. This ability to prevent rust puts granite cookware miles ahead of other kitchenware categories. By comparison, uncoated cast iron and carbon steel will rust very quickly unless they’re maintained very carefully. As it’s completely non-stick both inside and out, minimal oil is required for cooking and the clean-up is effortless.

The Nessa Granum Range

Granite coating layers

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