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Food processors have been created with the aim of saving time and bringing more effectiveness to the preparation of food.

With that idea in mind, one of the first food processors called ‘Starmix’, was created in 1946 by the German company, ‘Electrostar’. Ever since, the evolution of this kitchen appliance has made time consuming tasks, simpler and effective. Long gone are the times, when people spend long hours chopping, shredding and mixing.

SQ Professional Ltd launched its K-Mojo Digimaster, with full consideration of its customer’s needs and preferences. This versatile multifunction food processor, has been designed using the latest innovation in kitchen technology.

Our digital food processor’s sleek design, comes with a smart one-touch, digital switch panel with smooth touch controls and seven speed selectors. With a series of ultimate programmes to choose from; smoothing, chopping and crushing, food preparation has never been so easy.

K-Mojo Digimaster, comes with a 5L mixing bowl, 1.8L blending jug, 100g grinding mill, a powerful 1000W motor, and a range of handy attachments to achieve the finest of mixes.

Simple to use and packed with incredible features, our customers can now chop, whisk, emulsify, knead, grate, shred, juice, and slice with K-Mojo Digimaster food processor.

K-Mojo DigiMaster features

If you are looking to expand your catalogue offer, K-Mojo DigiMaster food processor will give your business extra value. Contact our sales representatives to find out about bulk purchasing options and discover more of its features and how to use videos here.

K-Mojo DigiMaster