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    Chocolate Milkshake

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    • 07 Jul, 2022

    July the 7th is the celebration of “World Chocolate Day”, an ingredient that was once considered more valuable than gold dust and that today is the delight of adults and kids.

    To commemorate, we share this summery milkshake prepared with delicious ice cream and chocolate ganache.

    If you do not have chocolate ganache around, just mix melted chocolate with cream to create your own with your preferred thickness.


    Ingredients :

    • 700ml milk

    • 300g chocolate ice cream

    • 90g chocolate ganache

    • 70g almonds


    Serves : 6

    Cooks In : 4 min

    Difficulty : Easy

    Preparation Method :

    1. In a blender, mix the milk, chocolate ice cream and chocolate ganache.
    2. Decorate with almonds.


    Tips :

    You can create your own dairy-free or vegan alternative. Instead of chocolate ice cream, you can switch to chocolate and coffee ice cream for an extra flavour.


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