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    Beetroot, Apple And Ginger Juice

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    • 18 Jan, 2023

    Say hello to National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week!

    It is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week, and what is better than making a different juice and enjoying one each day? Pick your favourite fruits and start squeezing. Juice is one of the tastiest treats, filled with vitamins and minerals.

    Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go with this vibrant juice recipe, made with just three ingredients.


    Ingredients :

    • 200g beetroots (peeled and quartered)

    • 2 eating apples (quartered)

    • 2 x thumb-sized pieces of ginger


    Serves : 2

    Cooks In : 10 min

    Difficulty : Easy

    Preparation Method :

    1. Push the beetroots, apples and ginger through a juicer.
    2. Pour into two glasses filled with ice.


    Tips :

    If you want to add some sweetness, you can add honey.


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