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    International Coffee Day

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    • 01 Oct, 2020

    International Coffee Day

    Many people might have started the day with a hot cup of this stimulating and sumptuous brew without even realising that today is a day of celebration! And it would be a fair mistake to make, as International Coffee Day has only been an official occasion since 2015. However, the history of appreciation for this magical drink spans back over a thousand years, crossing entire continents and weaving the world together. International Coffee Day is all about taking the time to reflect on all aspects of this well-loved beverage, so let’s take a broad look at the world of coffee. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!

    Thought to originate in the region of Ethiopia, the influence of this treasured drink spread north into Yemen, Egypt, Persia, Syria and Turkey, and for centuries, drinking brewed coffee was embraced for the way it aided concentration in prayer and contemplation. We’ve come a long way since early coffee use, from ancient philosophical ponderings to a necessary morning boost, but every single day coffee continues to make an incredible journey to our cups.

    As it stands, the majority of coffee is grown in South America, with certain countries in Asia and Africa relying on it as a major part of their GDP. As such it has never been more important to ensure that the coffee we buy is from Fairtrade sources. Equally important to the industry as it sees the popularity of coffee ever increasing is the sustainability of its production, making sure that local ecosystems are not adversely affected by the global consumption of this former luxury.

    There are 4 main types of beans from which coffee is commonly produced, the most popular being Arabica with its complex flavours and strong aroma, which makes up around 60% of the global supply. Robusta offers a more full-bodied flavour, ideal for taking with milk and sugar, Liberica carries fruity and floral aromas, and Excelsa packs a punch with a tart taste and smoky notes, often used to boost the flavour of a blend.

    What’s important to the discerning taste bud is the end result, and with the broad range of blends and brews available from the trendy to the traditional, we can be sure that there is a coffee out there for everybody. To enjoy the very best qualities of your coffee, it is always best to make your brew with freshly ground beans. We recommend using the SQ Professional Coffee Grinder from the Blitz range to get the maximum goodness in each cup.

    Espresso – with no doubt the King of Coffee. The strongest way to have a coffee, with very little percentage of water, it's impossible not to feel its kick!

    Dalgona – looking more like a dessert than a drink (and tasting like it too) this eccentric creation is sweeping the world’s coffee houses, luring in the adventurous and luxurious. Hot or cold milk served with a whipped topping of coffee, sugar and hot water, this order is sure to tantalize the tastebuds this International Coffee Day.

    Moka - a way to brew coffee with a Caffettiera. Similar to espresso, Moka coffee is the easiest way to have a strong coffee at home.

    Cold brew – appearing often like a science experiment taking place on the back counter of the coffee shop, with delicate glassware slowly dripping away, the cold brew process is deceptively simple but retains so much of the coffee’s flavour.

    Flat white – Is it a milky cappuccino? Or a frothy latte? Whatever it is, it’s now one of the most popular coffee drinks out there, making up more than 10 per cent of what people in Britain drink. If you haven’t tried it already this crowd-pleaser is one to try.

    Coffee press – if you’re looking for the classic continental experience of coffee, set yourself up with a cafetiere like the one we sell, and enjoy the intoxicating aromas of coffee drifting through your home every morning.

    Turkish coffee warmer – for an authentic brewing experience taking you back to the early origins of coffee culture, get hold of a Turkish coffee warmer and prepare for a flavour-packed caffeine hit like no other.

    However you choose to take yours, be sure to set aside some time for this year’s International Coffee Day and give your appreciation to the people, places and processes that all contribute to one of our most loved and celebrated drinks. If you are interested in expanding your range of kitchen kits to better enjoy this wonderful drink, get in touch with a member of our sales team and explore the full range of coffee products we offer. 

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