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    Rice 'N' Easy

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    • 03 Nov, 2021

    It is not a secret that rice is probably the most consumed food in the world, which is why people have mastered so many different ways of cooking their beloved rice pot.

    Most cultures these days use advanced rice cookers for cooking their rice, while there are others that use traditional cooking pots.

    People have used different apparatuses and techniques for cooking rice throughout the course of history and during this evolution, rice cookers appeared on the scene.

    The rice cooker’s origins trace back to Japan in 1945, when the first prototype of this appliance was introduced and ever since, different variations and improvements of the same have been produced.

    Rice cookers over the years have won followers as they are easy to use, economical, and have numerous features that make rice cooking significantly easier.

    As the appliance is important, so too is the type of rice used in them. There are many different varieties of rice available in the market, but the following are the most widely used in rice cookers:


    Long grain rice

    Typically, this rice is slender and lengthy, four to five times longer than it is wide. This classification of rice includes long-grain white, basmati, and jasmine rice, plus long-grain brown rice. Because long-grain rice is light and dry when cooked, it’s ideal for pilaf, side dishes or salads where you want the grains to retain a distinct separateness. 

    Short grain rice

    This type is often called “Pearl Rice,” due to its round shape. It is characteristically soft, sticky, and chewy. American short-grain brown rice and sushi rice (Japanese rice) are the most common types of short-grain rice you’ll see at the supermarket. With their higher starch content, these grains tend to clump together when cooked, making them perfect for eating with chopsticks. Because of its sticky texture, short-grain rice is also excellent for sushi or rice pudding.

    Brown grain rice

    Brown rice is considered to be the healthiest variety. Rice grains are covered with bran layers and contain more B-complex vitamins, iron, calcium, and fibre than polished (white) rice. The brown rice with long grains and chewy texture is the most popular variety. 

    Wild grain rice

    Also called Canada rice, Indian rice or water oats, wild rice comes in many delicious varieties. It is often mixed with long-grain rice for its firmer texture and rich brown-to-black colour. Wild rice makes wonderful stuffing for poultry or pork, pilaf, side dishes, soups salads. 


    The table below shows the rice and water quantities to be used to cook the different varieties of rice to perfection.


    If you want to embrace modern technology and start using rice cookers, SQ Professional have the right option for you.

    SQ Professional Deluxe Rice Cookers come with a handy steamer tray and you can now prepare more than just rice all in one go. Steam vegetables, fish or meat along with your rice and whip together an entire stress-free meal!

    The top and bottom heating elements ensure everything is cooked to perfection.

    A removable non-stick interior bowl offers incredible non-stick performance, preventing stuck-on or burnt rice. Not only does this give you perfectly cooked rice but reduces time spent washing up!

    Once your rice is cooked, the USEFUL ‘keep warm’ function ensures your food is kept warm until it’s ready to be served, for up to 12 hours. Designed with you in mind, the convenient indicator lights allow you to see when your rice is cooking or when it is just being kept warm.

    SQ Professional rice cookers save a lot of time and effort, cooking perfect rice every single time.


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