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    Winter Is Coming! The Best Stockpots For Your Kitchen.

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    • 18 Nov, 2021

    From pickling and preserving summer’s bounty to boiling large batches of pasta, a well-made stockpot is a must-have in every kitchen.

    This item is also essential in the winter months when we crave hot stews, soups, and other hearty favourites.

    This round stockpot with tall straight walls has been designed to cook large amounts of food and comes with two small handles attached to opposite sides of the body for easy handling and transportation.

    Its body is thin enough to boost heating and enhance heat transfer. It also comes with a lid that fits over the top edge and allows just enough moisture and pressure to prevent overflowing.

    Most stockpots are made from stainless steel, anodized aluminium or enamelled steel. These materials promote equal heat distribution, which decreases cooking times and keeps food from burning.

    The SQ Professional stockpot range is budget-friendly, dishwasher-safe and comes in various materials including die-cast aluminium, 8/10 stainless steel and non-stick coatings.

    Our stockpots can be used on gas, electric, induction, ceramic and halogen hobs.


    Nea Seramiq Stockpot Medium

    This robust and sturdy stockpot is manufactured from heavy-weight die-cast aluminium which distributes heat evenly. It is both contemporary and practical. The ceramic coating gives exceptional non-stick performance which will allow you to cook healthy meals using little or no oil. Its clear tempered glass lid enables you to keep an eye on your cooking while retaining all the natural healthy goodness. Nea Seramiq is available in 20cm, 24cm, 28cm and 32cm. 

    Nea Stockpot Large

    These durable and resilient stockpots are manufactured from heavy-weight die-cast aluminium. Its non-stick coating gives you the option to cook with or without oil. Nea stockpots are available in sizes 36cm, 40cm and 44cm.

    Lustro Imperial Casserole 6pc Set

    Crafted from premium grade 8/10 stainless steel, the 6-piece Apple Shaped Casserole set from SQ Professional will have you preparing meals in style, whether you are cooking for yourself or for all your friends and family. Its encapsulated base ensures excellent heat distribution while the close-fitting lids ensure nutrients and flavour are locked into the food, making for a superior cooking experience. Lustro 6pc set includes casseroles in the following sizes: 16cm (2Litre),18cm (2.8 Litre), 20cm (3.6 Litre), 22cm (5 Litre), 24cm (6.5 Litre) and 26cm (8.5 Litre). 

    Nea Impact Stockpots

    Forged from heavy-duty die-cast aluminium and a superior non-stick Marbell surface, Nea Impact Stockpots enable you to cook with considerably less oil or fat. Its silicone handles will help you to protect against burns while the robust knob allows you to easily and safely remove the tempered glass lid. Nea impact comes in black and red: 20cm (2.3 litres), 24cm (4.1 litres) and 28 cm (6.4 litres) sizes.

    Una Non-Stick Pylus Stockpot

    Una Non-Stick is perfect for one-pot dishes such as stews, curries, or casseroles. It is crafted from strong aluminium and features a stylish non-stick marble finish, you’ll be amazed by Una Pylus’ exceptional heat conduction and distribution. Its strong tempered glass lid, with a steam vent, allows steam to escape whilst retaining heat inside the pan. Una Non-Stick Pylus Stockpots comes in sizes 20cm (2.5L), 24cm (4L), 28cm (7.2L). 

    Una Non-Stick Caelus Stockpot

    Whether you’re in the mood for chilli, soups, stews, pasta, or casseroles, you can do it all effortlessly with Una Non-Stick Caelus Stockpot. The strong tempered glass lid features a handy steam vent, so you can now keep an eye on your cooking whilst retaining all the heat This non-stick stockpot with induction base, comes in 20cm (2.5L), 24cm (4L) and 28cm (7.2L).

    Nea Stockpot

    These hard-wearing and resistant stockpots are manufactured from heavy-weight die-cast aluminium and non-stick ceramic coating. Nea stockpots are ideal for gas, electric, induction, ceramic and halogen hobs. They come in Rossa and Black: 24cm (5.4 Litres) and 28cm (9 Litres). Nea stockpots should be washed by hand. 



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