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    K-Mojo DigiExtract Digital Juicer

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    • 14 Jun, 2022

    The highly anticipated K-Mojo DigiExtract Digital Juicer, this Summer's must-have has finally arrived!

    The K-Mojo DigiExtract Digital Juicer is the number one accompaniment for this year's BBQs and parties of any occasion. This eye-catching, easy-to-use digital juicer means that you can also get the family involved too!

    Children love juice, ice lollies, and jelly, especially in the sunshine. So simple to use everyone can join in and all can be made at ease with the K-Mojo DigiExtract Digital Juicer. What makes this even better is that the kids won't even realise that they've had part of their 5 a day. Be assured that anybody enjoying a drink made from the K-Mojo DigiExtract knows that it is fresh, additive-free, and made at home!

    The K-Mojo DigiExtract Digital Juicer is also great for grownups! Quickly and easily you will be able to make drinks to help you detox, health-aiding juices, diet juices, and even vitamin-focused juices to keep your body healthy! This juicer has arrived just in time for the holiday season and will help you get the beach body you want. If it's party time then why not impress your friends by adding a splash of prosecco or gin for an amazing, fresh-tasting, cool cocktail which will make you the talk of all your friends!

    All so easy, cost-effective, and satisfying to know exactly what's in there. Made to your very own tastes and desires this product is a must-have for any kitchen!

    Our digital juicer has been created to address your need for an easy-to-use juicer that gives you optimum nutrition of endless combinations of hard and soft fruits and vegetables that you're having a hard time incorporating into your daily diet. It also makes cleaning super easy with its easy-to-clean and stylish design.

    Health buffs, juice enthusiasts, and even people curious about juicing have all been searching for a perfect digital juicer and it's finally here.

    • Powerful 1000 Motor

    • 1L Jug - 2.4L Removable Container

    • Digital Interface - LCD Display

    • Non-slip feet

    • Extra Large Feeding Chute

    • Stainless Steel Filter

    • Easy to Clean


    K-Mojo DigiExtract Digital Juicer is the perfect addition to your kitchen and will make your life healthier.

    For more about K-Mojo DigiExtract Digital Juicer click here.

    To watch a video about K-Mojo DigiExtract Digital Juicer click here.


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