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    K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender & Grinder

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    • 23 Nov, 2022

    Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen with the new member of the K-Mojo family, the K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender & Grinder!

    K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender & Grinder allows you to create refreshing slushes, crushed ice cocktails, indulgent milkshakes, vitamin-packed smoothies, hearty soups, sauces and more. K-Mojo BlueSteel can help you create a healthy and filling meal in minutes without resorting to unhealthy fast-food options. All you need is K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender, some essential ingredients and a little bit of creativity.

    If you are a parent, you know that it can be challenging to get kids to eat healthy foods, significantly when growing up. K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender is the perfect solution if you want them to get the proper nutrition that their bodies require without resorting to store-bought snacks and other processed, unhealthy items. For your kids to eat healthier snacks such as fruit smoothies, milkshakes or custard, which can be made using a blender, you will need K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender. These healthy snacks will help your kids get the nutrition they need and be great for their overall growth and development.

    Everyone loves a good bowl of piping hot soup, but sometimes the chunks or bits of vegetables in the soup can be a bit off-putting. Using K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender is among the ways to prepare foods to get the most ingredients. So, get yourself a K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender & Grinder if you want to create perfectly blended soups every time without having to spend hours stirring them on the stovetop.

    If you are trying to eat healthier by making your butter or other spreads at home, having K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender will help immensely. K-Mojo BlueSteel will mix the ingredients smoothly and evenly, ensuring a consistent final product. This will help prevent the butter or spread from becoming lumpy and uneven.

    K-Mojo BlueSteel Grinder can help grind spices into a fine powder and even easily turn them into a paste. It is an excellent addition to your kitchen arsenal if you enjoy cooking spicy dishes and want to make the process a little bit easier on yourself. You can also grind your favourite coffee beans for your morning breakfast cuppa with K-Mojo BlueSteel Grinder.

    K-Mojo BlueSteel is a high-tech blender & grinder manufactured with premium stainless steel, with a generous 1.5L capacity that will allow you to blend large amounts of fruits, vegetables and much more. Whip up soups, purees and batter mix quicker than ever before!

    Its powerful 1200W motor will make all blending tasks quick and efficient. For jobs that require a finer processed product, the grinder mill attachment with approximately 100g capacity, will ensure to get satisfying results, time and time again.

    K-Mojo BlueSteel is provided with full safety interlocks and anti-slip rubber suction feet that give the appliance stability and security, making it perfect for any busy kitchen. With variable speed and pulse settings, as well as smoothie and ice crush options, this modern blender and grinder perform at a professional level and will give you excellent results every time.

    Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe removable parts, K-Mojo BlueSteel is the perfect addition to your kitchen and will make your life healthier!

    - High-quality stainless steel blades
    - Powerful 1200W motor
    - 4 programs
    - Brushed stainless steel body
    - Equipped with safety micro-locks
    - Blue LED indicator light
    - 1.5m mains cable
    - 1.5L jug made of thick glass with ergonomic handle and pouring spout
    - Measuring scale
    - Airtight lid with silicone seal, large opening and lid tab for easy removal
    - 50ml lid cap
    - Grinding mill attachment with large 240ml capacity, see-through lid, made of BPA-free plastic
    - Air-tight silicone seal grinding mill base with safety lock system


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