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    Everything You Need To Know About Halogen Ovens

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    • 25 Nov, 2021

    Small but powerful and a great addition to any kitchen, halogen ovens are gaining popularity for a good reason. They can cook or grill food faster than standard ovens, plus they are compact and can easily fit in smaller spaces like studio flats or boats where conventional ovens wouldn’t fit.

    The basic premise of a halogen oven is a large glass bowl with a lid that contains a fan and halogen bulb(s). When you turn on these ovens, infrared radiation is released from the bulbs to produce a very powerful form of heat. The fans circulate the hot air around the food being cooked, in order to maintain even temperatures.

    As a result, halogen ovens are great for roasting, grilling, baking, steaming, and even dehydrating. They do not need to be preheated like conventional ovens. The hot air produced is dry, so they are usually capable of slightly higher temperatures than conventional ovens or microwave ovens.

    Halogen ovens offer a wide range of benefits to the user and they include the following:


    It consumes less than half the electricity of conventional ovens and is approximately the same as a regular microwave oven. As a result, it is a much more efficient option, due to its compact size and as it requires less energy to heat up to achieve the same results. So, you can save time and money, while your food is cooked to perfection.

    Travels everywhere

    It is portable and is great for holidays. You can use it at home or you can take it with you when you travel. The oven comes with a convenient lid handle and a stand with handles for safe handling when hot.

    Fat-free cooking

    As the halogen oven always cooks with hot air (dry roasting) and the food can be suspended on the wire rack, retention of fat is minimized to lower calories and cholesterol consumption.

    Cooks everything a conventional oven can

    It is a true multi-purpose oven suitable for preparing all kinds of dishes, which would normally require a full-size conventional kitchen oven.

    Easy to operate

    You can watch your food cooking, food remains succulent. Hot air will not produce smoke and will not burn your food.


    It cooks between 20% - 60% faster than a conventional oven. This results from a combination of its compact size, efficient design and fan heating principles.


    Hot air circulation creates an automatic turbo wash action.

    Cooks evenly

    Cooking with hot moving air means your food is perfectly roasted all over.

    Cooks in many ways

    It can roast, bake, grill, cook, steam, reheat, or defrost.



    If halogen ovens are something that you would like to try, at SQ professional halogen ovens are fast, efficient and easy to use. Plus, with a huge number of additional add-ons such as the safe protective basket to prevent burns, handy tongs, a low rack and a revisable rack, it is possible to prepare almost anything.

    You can also use any cookware that is used in conventional ovens, such as oven-safe pans, bowls, plates, tin foil, baking paper, etc; as long as the fan is not blocked and the lid can be fully closed.

    SQ Professional Halogen oven with protective basket

    12L - 17L/ 1400W (with extension ring)
    You can cook your meat and veg altogether, prepare sweet treats or defrost and roast an entire chicken without breaking a sweat – 40% faster than a conventional oven! The capacity of the main glass oven bowl is a generous 12L, with the option to add an extra 5L using the extender ring! This means you will always have enough space to prepare an entire meal in one go! 

    Durane Halogen oven with stand

    12L- 17L/1400W (with extension ring)
    FAST - You can cook your meat and veg altogether, prepare sweet treats or defrost and roast an entire chicken without breaking a sweat – 40% faster than a conventional oven!
    EFFICIENT - Uses much less energy than other types of cooking technologies.
    RELIABLE - Cooks evenly without creating hot and cold spots, as associated with microwave cooking.
    TASTY - produces An incredible oven-cooked taste at microwave speed.
    CONVENIENT - self-cleaning feature built-in.
    SAFE - Stand with wide handles to prevent touching of the glass bowl’s hot surface. 


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