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If you are a Vintage and Retro’ styles lover but want to take advantage
                                                                                             of the latest technologies, the Epoque range is the answer. Copper
                                                                                             accents and vintage shapes, crackle paint finish and up-to-date
                                                                                             design and tech are the core of this unique range in its category.

                                                                                             RANGE FEATURES
                                                                                             VINTAGE/RETRO STYLE.
                                                                                             CRACKLED FINISH.
                                                                                             COORDINATE YOUR MODERN KITCHEN WITH MATCHING APPLIANCES.
                                                                                             FIND THE COMPLETE SET OF ALL KITCHEN ESSENTIALS.
                                                                                             COPPER ACCENTS ON KNOBS AND BUTTONS ON METAL HOUSING.
                                                                                             HIGH-TECH INDUSTRIAL DESIGNS.

                                                                                              SMALL KITCHEN APPLIANCES - EPOQUE RANGE                                141
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