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                                                                                           SQ Professional’s success lies in its founding vision:
                                                                                           “Offer something to make life more pleasurable and
                                                                                           stress-free, for prices everyone can afford.”

                                                                                           From timeless classics to bold statement pieces,
                                                                                           you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for you.

                                                                                           HAPPY KITCHEN... HAPPY LIFE
                                                                                           With over a decade of experience, SQ Professional offer a fresh and exciting range of
                                                                                           kitchen and homeware. After the huge success of their vibrant and timeless kitchenware
                                                                                           ranges, people are able to renovate their kitchens with a pop of colour, transforming their
                                                                                           houses into homes.
                                                                                           OUR MISSION
                                                                                           SQ Professional’s primary mission is to continuously give the very best service to their customers,
                                                                                           suppliers and consumers. The highly specialised sales team promotes the belief that you will never
                                                                                           be sold something you can not sell. We are committed to providing an extensive range of expertly
                                                                                           designed high-quality products for the most competitive prices.

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