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                                                                                           NON-STICK SURFACES FOR EASY COOKING AND CLEANING.
                                                                                           FRY, GRILL, ROAST, BAKE AND STEAM.
                                                                                           TRADITIONAL GRILL COMES WITH DRIP-FREE POURING.
                                                                                           MAGIC PAN IS DESIGNED TO RETAIN MOISTURE AND PREVENT SPLATTERING.

                                                                                           Offering a versatile alternative to an electric griddle which takes up space on your work
                                                                                           surfaces, the SQ Professional magic grill pan is used on your stove top and is easily stored
                                                                                           away! The grill pans provide a fantastic non-stick surface that transfers heat evenly and is
                                                                                           double-sided, with both griddle and flat inner surfaces. Use yours to prepare restaurant-
                                                                                           standard steaks or whip up breakfast with one single pan.

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