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                                                                                           For practical lightweight cookware that’s easy to handle
                                                                                           around a bustling kitchen, the Galaxis range is the
                                                                                           perfect choice for you. Aluminium is an exceptional heat
                                                                                           conductor, allowing the pans to heat quicker and cook
                                                                                           food more accurately. Perfect for the precision cook, they
                                                                                           also cool quickly, allowing you to avoid over-cooking after
                                                                                           taking the food off the heat!

                                                                                          RANGE FEATURES

                                                                                          LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINIUM, EASY TO MOVE AROUND THE KITCHEN, EVEN FULL OF FOOD.
                                                                                          SUPREME HEAT CONDUCTIVITY AND DISTRIBUTION.
                                                                                          OVEN SAFE CASSEROLES AND DUTCH POTS.
                                                                                          COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF SIZES.
                                                                                          SETS FOR BUSY HOMES AS WELL AS LARGE COMMERCIAL KITCHENS.

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