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Robust, sturdy and contemporary.

                          If  you  are  searching  for  strong
                          heavyweight  pots  the  Nea  Marbell
                          range  ticks  all  the  boxes.  The
                          timeless  yet  stylish  designs  and
                          colour  ranges  are  sure  to  make  a
                          statement  in  your  kitchen.  Enjoy
                          the  ease  of  cooking  as  the  stylish
                          speckled  marble  effect  coating
                          gives   unprecedented    non-stick

                                     RANGE FEATURES

                                     EXCEPTIONAL HEAT DISTRIBUTION.
                                     DURABLE AND STYLISH NON-STICK MARBLE SPECKLED

                                     HANDLES MOULDED WITH THE POT FOR EXTRA
                                     STRENGTH AS WELL AS MAKING THEM MORE HYGIENIC,
                                     AS FOOD DOES NOT GET STUCK IN THE RIVETS.
                                     TEMPERED GLASS LIDS WITH STEAM VENTS.

                                             COOKWARE - NEA MARBELL RANGE
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