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                       STAINLESS STEEL

       Vibrant,  stylish  and  forged
       from    professional    chefs’
       number one choice of material,
       the Gems Metallic range is the
       ultimate  choice  in  cookware.
       Stainless steel brings beauty
       and versatility to your recipes,
       whilst  being  extremely  tough
       and  preserving  the  flavour  of
       your food. The tasteful pop of
       colour will look stunning in any
       kitchen, with the hard-wearing
       design withstanding daily use.

                                       RANGE FEATURES

                                       CRAFTED FROM PREMIUM GRADE STAINLESS STEEL.
                                       STAINLESS STEEL DOESN’T LEACH OFF ANY OF ITS
                                       METALLIC PROPERTIES INTO FOOD.

                                       5-LAYERED ENCAPSULATED BASE IS SUITABLE FOR
                                       ALL TYPES OF HOBS.
                                       FANTASTIC HEAT DISTRIBUTION.
                                       RIVETED HANDLES ENSURE DURABILITY AND SAFETY.

                                       TEMPERED GLASS LIDS WITH STEAM VENTS.

                                                COOKWARE - GEMS RANGE
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