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The beauty of copper, the conductivity
                         of  aluminium  and  the  eco-friendly
                         non-stick  element  of  ceramic  –  Aeris
                         cookware has it all. Expertly designed
                         with  heavy  duty  aluminium  bodies
                         and  beautifully  finished  with  a  stylish
                         copper  effect,  Aeris  cookware  is  not
                         only practical but elegant too.

                         Featuring   revolutionary   non-stick
                         technology for easy cleaning, Aeris pots
                         and pans are suitable for use on all hob
                         types,  including  induction.  Boasting
                         riveted  stainless  steel  handles,  the
                         entire range is completely oven safe.

                                      RANGE FEATURES

                                      ECO-FRIENDLY NON-STICK CERAMIC COATING.
                                      STUNNING COPPER FINISH.
                                      ALUMINIUM BODY.

                                      INDUCTION BASE, SUITABLE FOR ALL HOB TYPES.
                                      DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL HANDLES.
                                      OVEN SAFE.

                                                COOKWARE - AERIS RANGE
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