Hot Pots - Microwow Casseroles


Hot Pots - Microwow Casseroles

Microwow One-Touch casseroles from Milton are microwave-safe to keep your food hot for hours on end.

Featuring a smooth one-touch operation, it is simple to use, and elegantly designed to take centre stage at your dining table.
This sleek and contemporary casserole is expertly crafted with a hygienic, odourless outer casing and a high-quality non-magnetic stainless steel inner container.
Never worry about food losing its heat, simply prepare your meal in advance, re-heat if necessary inside the container and it will remain hot for you to enjoy later on. Alternately the innovative insulation keeps the food you wish to remain cold, cold!
Perfect for keeping food the correct temperature at the dinner table, or for use at barbecues and picnics.

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
Microwow One-Touch 1000 1.0 Litre
Microwow One-Touch 1500 1.5 Litre
Microwow One-Touch 1000 24
Microwow One-Touch 1500 24
Product code:
Microwow One-Touch 1000 - Red-Black 8345
Microwow One-Touch 1000 - White-Grey 8346
Microwow One-Touch 1000 - Black-Purple 8347

Microwow One-Touch 1500 - Red-Black 8348
Microwow One-Touch 1500 - White-Grey 8349
Microwow One-Touch 1500 - Black-Purple 8350


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