Hot Pots - Zenith Casserole Sets


Hot Pots - Zenith Casserole Sets

These sophisticated insulated casseroles bring a touch of contemporary style to your dining table and keep your food hot and fresh-tasting for hours.

Featuring a premium food-grade stainless steel liner with a durable outer plastic casing, the Zenith Set is reassuringly practical and simple to use. With three useful sizes included, these versatile casseroles will be the centrepiece of your meal, both at the dinner table and outdoors.

No Instruction Manual present for this item.

Size & Capacity:
1.0 - 1.5 - 2.5 Litre
Product code:
White-Black 9570
Black-White 9571
Aqua-White 9572


Hot Pots - Zenith Food Warmer - Box