Gems Range - Senza Kettle


Gems Range - Senza Kettle

The Senza Kettle adds a contemporary and colourful twist on a timeless design. Not only is it sleek, the SQ Professional Senza kettle is practical and extremely easy to use.

Effortlessly boil water for hot drinks and rapidly heat water before boiling pasta or rice, you’ll be sure you use your Senza Kettle multiple times a day!
A generous 1.7 L capacity and 2250W boiling element allows you to boil ample amounts of water quickly and efficiently.

The removable lime scale filter improves the quality and taste of your hot drinks and is stress-free to take out and clean.

Click here to download the Instruction Manual.

Size & Capacity:
1.7 Litre
2250 Watt
Product code:
Quartz 5410
Onyx 5411
Ruby 5412
Amethyst 5415


Sq Professional - Gems Range - Senza Kettle box


Sq Professional - Gems Range - Senza Kettle