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23 Mar, 2022

Smoothie Season Is Upon Us Again

Spring is already here, and with it, the season for juices and smoothies. If you are a big fan of them, this week’s blog is for you.

Individual blitz-and-go bullet blenders and traditional blenders for making juices and smoothies are a huge hit in the health world. Now if you are looking for new products with added value to expand your catalogue offer, SQ Professional’s collection of blenders and on-the-go bullet blenders will be the right fit for your business needs.

Our blenders come with a “grinding” attachment and they are available in various styles including retro style, metallic finish and traditional styles. They are presented in eye-catching colours, making them an essential addition to any busy kitchen.

To complement our blenders range, we also offer a versatile and useful Blitz-on-the-go bullet blender, that comes with two 600ml travel bottles with spill-proof drinking lids. An ideal choice for those who follow an active and healthy lifestyle.

Explore our offer below and for more information contact our sales representatives to find out about special discounts for bulk purchasing.


Megablend Megarange Blender & Grinder

SQ Professional MEGABLEND Blender & Grinder, blast food quickly and efficiently. A generous 1.5L jug and powerful 600-watt motor with two-speed settings, plus a pulse function, allows the MEGABLEND to make quick work of all your blending needs.
Available in three colours: green, red and black.

Epoque Blender & Grinder

A dual-function blender & grinder, with a combination of retro and modern styles at the same time. Constructed with a stunning crackle-finish heavy steel base, 1.5-litre glass blender jug and grinding mill. This vibrant vintage look is perfect for every trend-setting kitchen.
Available in three colours: green, black and pink.

Blitz Superblend Blender & Grinder

Make quick work for all your blending needs with SUPERBLEND. Whip up soups, purees and batters quicker than ever before. SUPERBLEND is ideal for those tougher jobs, such as coffee and spice grinding that require a finer processed result. The grinding mill attachment powers through the task effortlessly.
Available in five colours: green, red, black, blue and purple.

Gems Luminate Blender & Grinder

Crush ice, make delicious smoothies and blend with the powerful, elegant and modern SQ Professional Luminate dual-function blender. A fantastic choice to complement any fun and contemporary kitchen.
Available in six metallic colours: quartz, onyx, ruby, amethyst, axinite and sapphire.

Twist Blitz Nutrient Extractor

Stylish and sleek, the Twist N Blitz is the ideal choice for those who follow a healthy lifestyle, even on the go! Whether you are blitzing up a protein shake or blending together a 5-a-day smoothie, you can do so with ease. Just push the button, blend and go.
Available in four colours: black-silver, black-gold, white-black and white-red.

29 Jun, 2022

Brighten Up Your Kitchen With Our Colorful Cookware Sets

Colourful cookware is having a moment, and gone are the days when traditional kitchen red, black, or navy-blue that-almost-passes-for-black cookware were the only options to choose from.

Like other products in the kitchen and home, people love to find cookware that brings some personality to the kitchen, especially since it is a statement-making product that can sit on top of the stovetop or countertop and also make for a great presentation on the dinner table. It can go straight from the burner or oven to the dining table to serve your guests in style.

Not only does this eliminate the need to transfer a hot dish from the cookware to a serving bowl, but it will leave the host with half as many dishes afterwards, as well.

Colourful cookware makes cooking more enjoyable. Some people love to cook, live to cook and are always ready to whip something up, but some are not those people and therefore need a little motivation if they are going to cook for themselves.

Well-designed colourful and fun cookware motivates people to cook more often, especially after Covid lockdowns there are many people that have been cooking much more at home than they used to do.

Colour can carry important meaning and can have an important impact on people's affect, cognition, and behaviour. Colour can also affect different people in different ways, but if it brings you joy, why not bring that joy into the kitchen with you?

Whether you are someone who already loves colour or someone just toying with the idea of adding a small pop of colour to your décor, implementing colourful cookware is a new way to stretch the traditional kitchen aesthetic.


While we are fans of colourful cookware, we understand that it is not for everyone. That is why SQ Professional also offers neutral tones such as cream with our brand Nea Die-Cast Stockpot Set 5pc, Nea Marbell Die-Cast Stockpot Set 5pc and white colour with our brand Caia Die-Cast Stockpot Set 3pc.


For the lovers of traditional colour pallets like black and grey, our brand Nea Die-Cast Stockpot Set 5pc is available in nera black, Nea Marbell Die-Cast Stockpot Set 5pc is available in black and grigio neutral grey, Nea Marbell Square Stockpot Set 4pc is available in nera black, Caia Die-Cast Stockpot Set 3pc is available in black, Nessa Granum Die-Cast Stockpot Set 5pc is available in serizzo grey, Gems Stainless Steel Stockpot Set 3pc and 4pc Set are available in onyx black and traditional quartz colour.


For the adventurous ones, we have one of the most colourful cookware sets on the market including:

Nea Die-Cast Stockpot Set 5pc

This induction cookware set has a die-cast aluminium body that distributes heat evenly and preserves energy. The interior is reinforced with a three-layered coating providing abrasion resistance and exceptional non-stick performance.

The stock pots come in the following range of sizes and capacities: 20cm (2.1L), 24cm (4.2L), 28cm (6.3L), 30cm (78L 7.8L) and 32cm (9.3L).

Nea stockpots are suitable for most hob types, including induction, and can be put in the oven without the lid, up to a maximum temperature of 500°C.

This set is available in five colours.

Aeris Copper Non Stick Casserole Set 3pc

Manufactured from high-quality, durable aluminium these robust pans have a ceramic non-stick coating which reduces the need for excessive fat during cooking and makes them easy to clean and maintain.

This casserole pan set is suitable for most hob types including induction. They are oven-safe and can be transferred from hob to oven for additional toasting, browning and cooking.

Aeris eco-friendly set has a safe non-stick coating FREE from PFOA, LEAD and CADIUM to protect people's health and the environment.

Metallic Die-Cast Stockpot Set 5pc

The SQ Professional Metallic Die Cast 5pc Stockpot Sets are finished in elegant metallic colours to bring a unique and stunning look to your hob or dining table. Specially crafted from premium-grade materials, these stock pots not only look incredible but are designed to deliver exceptional, professional-standard, cooking results.

The stockpots come in five different sizes and capacities:20cm (2.3L), 24cm (3.8L), 28cm (6.0L), 30cm (7.0L) and 32cm (9.5L).

Available in seven beautiful colours to choose from, there is one for every taste.

Gems Stainless Steel Stockpot Sets

This beautifully crafted, high-quality stainless cookware has been manufactured using materials that will achieve outstanding cooking results, ensuring that no substances or metallic properties are leached into the food and preserving the flavour and quality of the ingredients.

Crafted from premium 18/20 aluminium stainless steel, each stock pot is fitted with a durable, transparent tempered glass lid with a steam vent and high-quality riveted handles and knob.

The stockpots come in three different sizes and capacities:26cm (7.4L), 28cm (8.9L) and 30cm (11.1L) and are available in five colours.

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