K-Mojo - BlueSteel


K-Mojo - BlueSteel

K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender & Grinder allows you to create refreshing slushes, crushed ice cocktails, indulgent milkshakes, vitamin-packed smoothies, hearty soups, sauces and more. The powerful 1200 Watt motor and stainless-steel blades will blend fruits, vegetables and ice quickly and efficiently when mixed with a liquid. A generous 1.5L jug and vari-speed, pulse, smoothie and ice crush options allow the K-Mojo BlueSteel to make quick work of all your blending needs.

Whip up soups, purees and batter mix quicker than ever before!

For those tougher jobs, such as coffee and spices that require a finer processed result, the grinding mill attachment powers through the task effortlessly. The full safety interlocks and anti-slip rubber suction feet offer both stability and peace of mind, making the K-Mojo BlueSteel an essential stylish addition to any busy kitchen.

With a durable stainless-steel body, the blender is easy to wipe clean.


Blender & grinder: K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender & Grinder allows you to make a variety of drinks or batch-prepare soups and sauces to enjoy with family and friends. It includes a 1.5L removable glass jug with a lid and a pouring spout. It helps to save time on cutting fruits or vegetables & instantly get a glass of tasty & healthy juice within a few seconds and allows larger portions of soups or smoothies to be made at once, perfect for batch cooking or serving a family. It has a stainless-steel body that resists corrosion and is easy to wipe clean.

High-quality blades: K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender & Grinder powerful 1200W motor and 4 stainless-steel blades will blend fruits, vegetables and ice, quickly and efficiently when mixed with a liquid. The durable and high-quality blades allow you to effortlessly create slushes, smoothies, soups, shakes and more.

Powerful and easy to use: The blender has 3 programs and 1 speed selector that allow you to get the perfect consistency for whatever you are blending.

Grinder attachment: The grinder attachment allows you to grind nuts, seeds, coffee beans and spices into fine pieces. The blender also features volume measurements on the side of the jar for your convenience and non-slip feet for added safety & security.

Stylish design, easy to use and practical, the K-Mojo BlueSteel Blender & Grinder quickly and efficiently blends and grinds.

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Size & Capacity:
1.5 L Blending Jug - 100g Grinding Mill 1000W
Product code:
BlueSteel 10064


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